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Name Spec Size
 High precision universal micro g  MY-101  Φ0.5~Φ10普通钻头

MY101 High precision universal micro grinder


       With the advantage of accuray, stability,high effecicnce, easy operation, MY101 high precision universal mico drill grinder developed by our Co. is a fine epuipment for grinding the drills with small diameters.
        By the help of its unique structure, this machine is always in the non-clearance state in the all the precessing during grinding. Therefore, the factors which may cause grinding errors can be avoided so that all accuracies can be guaranteed.
       Equipped with non-clearance indexing device and high precisinon rotary device, it can offer the highst symmetrical Accuracy in grinding so that the grinding quality can be fully guaranteed.
       Equipped with optical microscope measuring system,
the ground results can be tested at any time during grinding,Therefore the needed adjustment will become easily and morereliable quality cab be obtained.

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